The Republican Party is the Party of Fascism

QAnon poster child Marjorie Taylor Greene recently said of Donald Trump:

Republican voters support him still. The party is his. It doesn’t belong to anybody else.

The miscarriage of justice that occured on Saturday, February 13, 2021 affirmed her words.

On the charge of incitement of insurrection, the Senate failed to convict the former president. A total of 43 Republican Senators, effectively gave their seal of approval to the January 6th terrorist attack on our Capitol, despite Mitch McConnell's statements to the contrary. I suspect that the seven Republicans who broke rank will face reprisal from leaders within their own party and Trump's rabid base of MAGAts. If there was any doubt remaining, the Republican Party is now officially the party of fascism and the stage is set for Trump 2024.

Yes, there is still the possibility that justice will be served and Trump will be punished for his criminal activities in New York and Georgia. But, even if he is convicted of something, that's not enough to keep him from running for president again. It may be difficult for Trump to run a campaign from the minimum security white-collar resort he'd be “locked” in, but I'm sure he'll find a way. Wealthy white men with power and privilege usually do. Don't forget: Hitler was in prison before he became Chancellor. And, we all know how that turned out.

The more immediate concern is what, if any, impact Trump's acquittal will have on the fate of the Capitol terrorists. I have very little faith in our "white-makes-right" criminal justice system, and I can envision terrorists' attorneys arguing “since Trump didn't face any punishment, why should they?”

With fascism poised for a comeback, is there anything that can be done to stop it? That answer seems to be in the hands of the Democrats.

No, I'm not expecting Dems to undo 4 decades’ worth of damage done by conservative policy and propaganda in 2 years or even 4 years. But, now is a good time to get started.

The United States is the richest nation in the world. From an economic standpoint, if we can spend trillions of dollars a year blowing up other countries and subsidizing multinational corporations, we can implement Medicare for All, cancel student debt, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and guarantee food, housing, jobs, and education to all Americans. We can cut everyone a $2,000 stimulus check now, and on a monthly basis.

It should be noted that alleviating income inequality only solves one part of the puzzle. As reflected in Trump's support among the top 1% and middle-class suburbanites, white supremacy knows no economic bounds. And, while multinational corporations may not explicitly promote white supremacy, they have unquestionably benefited from this country's hegemonic, unregulated, crony capitalist policies which have contributed to higher rates of economic plight among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

As such, any effort to curtail Trump-style nationalism must include dismantling systemic racism that includes ending residential segregation, ending workplace discrimination, ending biases in our criminal justice system, and alleviating racial disparities in health and educational outcomes. Genuine changes are needed to ensure that the color of your skin doesn't dictate your life chances. For how can we combat white supremacy when our government does little or nothing to curtail it?

Our society and culture must be reformed such that white supremacy and fascism no longer have any appeal, and anyone who advocates for such odious ideologies must be condemned to the severest degree possible.

Unfortunately, as previously stated, big corporations have benefited immensely from the status quo, and they will continue to fill the pockets of elected officials on both sides to keep things as they are. And with DINOs (Democrats in Name Only) in the Senate like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema getting in the way of genuine reforms, who needs the GOP? If only one or two DINOs are able to derail the legislation, then who really controls the Senate?

The Democrats are going to have to decide soon what kind of party they want to become. If for no other reason, they should want to take bold actions and implement bold policies to give the people a reason to vote for them in 2022. And, no, “vote for us or the Trumpers will come back” isn't a winning slogan, and “if we go too far left, the red team will get mad” isn't a valid excuse. If the Dems get wiped out in 2 years, at least they can say they did something to try to help the people of our country. If they do nothing, they'll get wiped out in 2 years anyway. The choice seems obvious.

If the DINOs in the Senate continue to impede progress, maybe it's time to grant statehood to D.C. Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa. If the Dems are worried that their legislation will be overturned by the Supreme Court, maybe it's time to pack the court!

The threat of fascism is very serious and should not be taken lightly. Democrats will need to take bold action now to keep the threat at bay. Otherwise, brace for “red tide” in 2022 and 2024. Don't blow this Dems. The world is counting on you.

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