Special Announcement

Hello everyone,

I recently assumed the role of Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party (CCDP).

As the spokesperson for CCDP, there are now certain topics, issues, and events that I cannot comment on.

As such, political content on Think Weiss will be limited during my time in this position, although non-political content such as my recent Zoom Cat-astrophe video will continue.

To use a metaphor: Think Weiss isn't "closed for business", we're just "temporarily out of stock" of our "flagship product", but we will have "items" that you may be interested in "purchasing". And, you can still "buy me a coffee" if you want to contribute to this "endeavor". 😁

All kidding aside, I appreciate your support, and I hope you'll remain subscribed during this period.

I'll do my best to maintain my Tuesday morning release schedule. Obviously, for today… this was all I could come up with. 🤷‍♂️

In solidarity,

Michael Weiss