Mar 3, 2021 • 1M

NV Dems Progressive Slate Endorsement

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Michael Weiss
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This is a special announcement.

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I, Michael Weiss, am officially endorsing the Nevada Democrats Progressive Slate.

These 5 fine Democrats have extensive track records of getting Democrats elected up and down the ballot, advocating for progressive policies, and fighting for bold genuine reforms within our party.

Nevada Democrats suffered significant down-ballot losses in 2020. The electorate rejected the fascist policies of Trump and the GOP but did not endorse the neoliberalism which has plagued the Democratic Party for decades. The people are ready for change.

The Republicans are seething at the opportunity to reclaim their power. If we are going to hold our seats and increase our majorities at the state and local level in 2022 and beyond, business as usual won't cut it.

Only with comprehensive structural and philosophical reforms will our party survive and thrive. The candidates on the Progressive Slate are the only ones that are suited for this task.

Don't settle for half measures.

Vote for the ONLY Progressive Slate!

I'm Michael Weiss, and I approve this message!

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