Meming Nevada to Death

A look back at Nevada on Election Day

I decided some light-hearted humor was in order.
Next week will be more “serious.”

Throughout most of election night, thanks largely to the “red mirage”, the presidential race was a nail biter. Memories of 2000 began to resurface, and I couldn’t help but think:

For a period of time, it looked as if Nevada might be that one state that would decide the election. Nevada took its time counting votes, and, if you’re on any form of social media, you were likely flooded with memes mocking Nevada’s “slowness”.

My first instinct was to respond in an agitated fashion:

But, I quickly lightened up and joined in the revelry with a few memes of my own:

The “love” that I received on Facebook definitely reduced my anxiety. Of course, as the night dragged on and other states were taking their time to count their votes, I couldn’t help but speculate:

In the end, it all worked out. Nevada certified its election results for Joe Biden and the electoral college affirmed Biden's win, proverbially serving Trump with an eviction notice.

I eagerly await the next opportunity to meme something to death. 😁

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