Accidentally Out-of-Cycle Again

Yeaaaaaaaah… it happened again…

My regularly scheduled content was published 24 hours too early. I've mastered the art of setting the time correctly for scheduled emails… but not the date. Either that or Substack thinks my content is so good that it must get published ASAP. 😝

At any rate, if you haven't listened to and/or watched the latest episode of Think Weiss, please click this link:

Interview with Veronica Melton and Reverend Jamie Sprague-Ballou

The next episode will be a two-parter. Assuming I don't mess up the scheduling:

  • Part 1 will be published on Tuesday, June 15

  • Part 2 will be published on Thursday, June 17

On another note, last week someone downloaded one of my videos and uploaded it to their personal page without my permission. So, of course, I made a meme about it:

The stolen version of the video in question has since been taken down. 🎉🎉🎉

See you next week! ✊❤️☮️🌹🐦

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